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Driving Intelligent Education

QuestLoop allows you to quickly and easily build a survey from a variety of quality templates, or to create your own unique surveys. The templates are built from years of knowledge and experience that carefully guide you towards adopting best practices in the field of teaching and learning.

QuestLoop makes it easy to evaluate your training and learning activities and to understand the impact of your training investments on your staff and your organisation. The results provide you with the rich insights that offer real proof of the quality of training investments and the resulting impacts on organisations.

So what are you waiting for?

Start building surveys now!

Easily build your Questionnaires

QuestLoop's drag and drop form builder lets you put together questionnaires with no hassle, and has lots of features to help you create the questionnaire you want.

QuestLoop runs through any internet enabled device (e.g. smart phone, tablet, laptop, PC) meaning you and your audience can access it any-where, any-time and from your favourite internet devices.

You can share a survey either by offering a link to it through email, your website, your blog, or social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Alternatively you can have your audience access it through a QR code. Your audience doesn't even need an account in order to respond to it.

Understand your audience

QuestLoop's easy-to-use analytics tools will allow you to get real value from your responses.

As responses to your polls are received, Questloop gives you real time graphical and textual feedback to reveal what people think about the topics that really interest and impact you and your organisation.

Save some trees and move away from paper-based Questionnaires

QuestLoop allows you to move all of your surveying needs into the cloud, so you can forget about the hassle of dealing with handing out and collecting papers. Spilling coffee on your responses will no longer be an issue.

Look at some of our customers!


QuestLoop revolutionised the way we gather data, and allowed us to change our practices for the better.

- Texunatech